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Why Engineered Timber Flooring Is Better Than Traditional Flooring

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There is nothing better than to spend time at some place which is peaceful, clean and above all beautiful. Everything comes later when we talk about beautification of a place so is it your workplace, your home, your garden area or any other place where you spend the majority of your day. This has been researched that most of the people look at the flooring first when they rate a place for beautification or appropriateness.  

There are some fantastic options when we talk about flooring for example: wooden flooring, tiled flooring and mosaic etc. and what if you want to select wooden flooring just to create a natural environment in your bathroom/washroom space? And somebody says sorry wooden flooring not possible due to whatever reason? That will surely trash your dreams to build a perfect space for yourself so we are in 2018 where researches and advancements have reached to that level where you are no longer stuck due to any reason, anywhere for anything. Engineered timber flooring in Melbourne is actually a yes for every place where you want to install wooden floor no matter it’s your bedroom, your office, your basement and/or your washroom; yes you read it right “even in your washroom”. Just to make it more easier to digest the basic difference between a solid/normal wooden flooring and engineered timber flooring is, latter consist of multiple layers of plywood jammed together and suppressed to make it a hardwood material; it not only looks classy & natural but, it’s cost effective and very convenient to engineer anywhere you want. Furthermore, numerous textures and furnishes gives an edge to this flooring and make it a preference over solid wooden flooring. To attain the attraction of customers engineered timber flooring fulfills the demand of the place as well like, if you are installing it in an office where more than 600 employees are going to walk for more than half of the day then more layers of plywood must be added to make the floor responsible, in case you are situating it somewhere like your house basement, normal layering will do just fine with some casual maintenance. 

Thinking about maintenance, it can be maintained very easily but like everything else it has some cons too.  It can be polished to shine; it can be easily cleaned like any other kind of flooring but what if scratches and dents come along to tear out the beauty? Floor grinding in Melbourne is the option I am sure? The answer is ‘NO’ for engineered flooring, because this will surely compromise the strength and quality of the floor, so the option for dented and scratched engineered floors is ‘change it after sometime’ or maintain it with care beforehand, despite of the fact you can still remove dents by grinding but, you need to set the correct intensity in order not to harm the integrity of the flooring, in addition you must be well aware of the number or layers when it was constructed this will definitely help you to decide about whether to grind it and to what level?. I wouldn’t mind to install it in my basement to give it a lively look. Like they say customers are well informed these days, after knowing this fact am sure they are…  floor-grinding


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